Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"Who does it work out for Kat, really?"
"Let me think... let me think... I got it. Cinder-f*ckin-rella."
- Pretty Woman

DD is currently, well, obsessed, with Cinderella. While reading it the other day I chuckled to myself reading this line: "And while her stepsisters lived like princesses, poor Cinderella was forced to do laundry, serve meals, and clean house -- just like a servant." And I thought, just like a mother.

BTW, I had to use the "Cinder-f*ckin-rella" quote because it's spoken by Laura San Giacomo who I share a birthdate with and is from my hometown :) 


  1. But Cinderella also gets the prince and happily ever after in the end! :)

    (P.S. I love that quote from PW, hehe.)

  2. i sold a property for Lauras mom a little while ago