Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I filling the landfills or are they?

As I made dinner last night, I threw away a decent amount of plastic items. See, in Hawaii, we only recycle #1 and #2 (which I find ironic given the whole "Keep the Country County" campaign but that's something for another day). A lot of items are packaged in #5 containers which just wind up in the trash. So it got me thinking -- who is more to blame? Me who is buying the containers or the companies that produce them that are taking the (I assume) cheap route in using #5 instead of 1 or 2?

After a little Googling, I found out that I could save my #5 containers and give them to a program called "Gimme 5" which has drop offs at Whole Foods. The only problem?... No Whole Foods near me.


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  1. In Danville, IL, they don't recycle ANYTHING. I would have to separate it myself, take the multiple containers to the center (about 10 miles away), and then pay them to recycle it for me. I've never lived anywhere that didn't have at least those little green boxes.