Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Hawaii can suck

DD has outgrown her swing set. So, I've been on the hunt for a new one. I found a great set on sale from $189 to $99 at Kmart. I checked out the reviews, made sure it wasn't too large, etc. And then I saw it. "Click here for Alaska and Hawaii pricing." I clicked. I threw up in my mouth a little. In Hawaii, the same swing set costs $206! More than the MSRP!!!

My neighbor and I agreed we'd split the cost of the set so we've both been on the hunt. She suggested Walmart's Site-to-Store. Again, found a great set for a great price ($149) but Hawaii isn't eligible for Site-to-Store service. Grrrr... I've even been stalking Craigslist everyday with no luck.

Oh, and did I mention that when DH put on a t-shirt last night, there was a centipede in it?!?!?


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You've been defriended

I'm not one to keep track of how many friends I have on Facebook, but from time-to-time I go to say hi to someone and realize that I've been defriended. Shouldn't I get an alert to tell me that someone is dropping me from their friends list? They essentially get to slink away into the internet oblivion without any explanation. It reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City where Berger breaks up with Carrie on a Post-It.

What if you had to tell the other person why you were leaving them? Heck, when I unsubscribe from an email mailing list I get asked why I'm leaving. Or click the x near a Facebook ad to remove it from the rotation. So, Facebook developers, if you're reading this, here's the list of reasons I think my soon-to-be-departing friend should choose from when they click the "remove from friends" link (in no particular order):

  • Too many posts
  • Posts aren't relavent
  • We had a fight/broke-up
  • It was a "pity" friend to begin with
  • Political differences
  • I just wanted to see their pics to in preparation for our HS reunion
What would you add?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I filling the landfills or are they?

As I made dinner last night, I threw away a decent amount of plastic items. See, in Hawaii, we only recycle #1 and #2 (which I find ironic given the whole "Keep the Country County" campaign but that's something for another day). A lot of items are packaged in #5 containers which just wind up in the trash. So it got me thinking -- who is more to blame? Me who is buying the containers or the companies that produce them that are taking the (I assume) cheap route in using #5 instead of 1 or 2?

After a little Googling, I found out that I could save my #5 containers and give them to a program called "Gimme 5" which has drop offs at Whole Foods. The only problem?... No Whole Foods near me.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

For those dealing with the heat

I saw this on a friend's FB status and wanted to share...

I was going to complain about how hot it is... then I realized that at least: 
1.) it isn't 109 degrees
2.) I'm not 5,700 miles from home
3.) I'm not dressed in a full BDU uniform and helmet and carrying 70+ lbs. 
and 4.) there is very little chance that anyone will shoot at me or that I might drive over a bomb in the road today! 

Thanks to all who serve !!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"Who does it work out for Kat, really?"
"Let me think... let me think... I got it. Cinder-f*ckin-rella."
- Pretty Woman

DD is currently, well, obsessed, with Cinderella. While reading it the other day I chuckled to myself reading this line: "And while her stepsisters lived like princesses, poor Cinderella was forced to do laundry, serve meals, and clean house -- just like a servant." And I thought, just like a mother.

BTW, I had to use the "Cinder-f*ckin-rella" quote because it's spoken by Laura San Giacomo who I share a birthdate with and is from my hometown :) 

Home Sweet Home

After a lot of thought, I finally bought plane tickets to go back to NJ for a few weeks. I'm a bit nervous to travel 9.5+ hours on a plane by myself with two kids. Luckily, my kids are good on the plane (especially dd) so we should be ok. Please God, let us be ok...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

30 days to a better parent

Like most parents, I try to do my best on a day-to-day basis. But with a 3 year old and a 4 month old, things an get pretty stressful. I found myself getting overly angry or upset about things that are just everyday life. So a few days ago, I vowed to myself to be a better parent. To be more patient, listen more, play more and put off chores when I can. I shut off the iPhone notification sounds for my email and games so I wouldn't be tempted and I generally have my laptop powered down so I can take a minute and think about if I really need to get on it right that second or if it can wait.

I've come to realize that part of my frustration with parenting is that I expect my 3 year old to listen. That probably sounds ridiculous but it's a real issue with me. I know she can hear me. I know she can listen. But sometimes she chooses not to. I've heard other parents say how they too catch themselves expecting their kids to be "little adults" but that's not the way it works. I'm trying to remember that.

Anyway, back to the 30 days. I am trying not to yell unless it's 100% necessary (i.e. not staying next to me in a parking lot).  I made it through two days with great success despite frustrating events. Yesterday, I had a small slip. This morning, a bigger one. Here's hoping I can get back on track.

To fly or not to fly... That is the question

I'm homesick. Really, REALLY homesick. I'm trying to decide if taking a 10 hour flight with just me and the kids is feasible. I know I can keep dd occupied and ds should sleep most of the time. But what do I do when I need to pee? Surely all three of us can't fit in a teeny airplane bathroom.


I really can't decide...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An over-allergic world

So you know how there are now "warning" labels on food and drinks for soy, wheat, peanuts, etc.? Well today at Target, my dd got her usual milk and hot pretzel and on the bottle it has a warning. Contains Milk.

Wow, who knew?!


I've debated (with myself, of course) about doing a blog for a while now. In a world of Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. it seems like a bit of information overload. That being said, I'm doing it anyway.

I'm sure it will be pretty random, so don't say I didn't warn you.