Friday, August 5, 2011

It's quiet. Too quiet.

Today was DD's first full day of preschool. It's been way too quiet around here today. I've actually gotten things done, like my nails. That might seem trivial but let's face it, every girl needs her "me" time and when you're a mom of two, "me" time suddenly qualifies as the time you're asleep. Or maybe watching Project Runway.

I'm trying to add more "me" time to my schedule but a lot of the time that requires me relying on my DH's schedule which is less than predictable. For example, I really want to start going to yoga again. This 5-month post-baby pooch has got to go. To be fair, it's not just DH's schedule that's keeping me from going. As soon as I found a place that was nearby and not too expensive they moved to a new location and it's under construction. *sigh*

And now for my excitement for the day... the mail just came! I finally got my MacBook a skin so I'm going to put it on. Jealous? ha ha

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