Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear news media

Dear news media,

You suck.

No, really. You nearly gave me a heart attack this morning. "NBC news has learned there was an attack on a military base in eastern Afghanistan. We will report more as details come in." I did a Google search. My hubby is in eastern Afghanistan. I didn't get my usual email from him this morning. Is he ok? Is his unit ok? Was it near him? I searched USA Today, CNN, AP. Nothing. Like I somehow imagined the news anchor telling me there was an attack. Thirty minutes passed. An hour. An hour and a half. Finally I see the news. It's not in my husband's province. I can breath again.

But you still suck.

How would you like it if someone called you and said your spouse was in a car accident and then hung up. Questions would be spinning in your head. Was the accident bad? Were they injured? Are they at the hospital? Maybe you'd even call local hospitals or the police.

Please, for the sake of me and other military spouses out there, don't pull that crap again.


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