Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In case you need to know

Since arriving in Texas, we have been battling ants. Little, brown, hard-to-see on dark countertops ants. They're awful and they bite. 

Despite having a pest control service and keeping areas clear of food, they're still finding their way in to our home. The worst has been the swarm in the dog food. Second to that is the collection in the microwave because you can't spray Raid in there. Yay! 

So I did a little test today after finding our microwave full of them again this morning:

Gross, right? Since white vinegar seems to the miracle cleaner of just about everything, I gave it a shot. 

A small bowl of half water and half white vinegar, high on 6 minutes and they're dead. Hooray!! Now to clean up the bodies...

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