Monday, January 28, 2013

Eat it or?...

A couple of months ago, I blogged about the ongoing food fight with my daughter. To summarize:

Well, in case you were wondering, she's not really doing either. We set the ground rules -- she had to try a bite of everything on her plate. If not, no dessert. It worked wonders the first night. That was about it.

I won't say she is starving. She eats breakfast and lunch everyday along with a snack at school (thought she knows if she doesn't eat her lunch she won't get a snack either. Yeah, her teacher must think I'm crazy. But anyway...) and another snack after school. Sure, there are nights that she complains that she is hungry but we have held firm to the rules. You should see her excitement when she asks wheat we are having for dinner and I tell her pizza or something else she likes. It's a free ticket on the dessert train!!

Since there has been NO progress with getting her to eat new things, I'm considering revising the rules and going back to short order cook (*sigh*). Give her what she will eat each meal with a little of what we are having and if she eats ALL of dinner and tries a bite she gets dessert. 

I'm not sure what else to do.

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  1. Nope, don't be a short-order cook. Cook what she likes for breakfast and lunch and she can deal for dinner. She will either eat what's for dinner or she'll compensate by eating more for breakfast or lunch. I have the same problem with Tim. Sometimes he just wakes up REALLY grumpy in the morning until he has his breakfast. I've had this problem with all of my Emily and Paul are fine eaters. Emily especially will try anything and if she REALLY hates it, she will say, "no thank you." If it's just ok, she'll eat it all. Stay strong. Days, weeks, and months of strength have payouts in years. Otherwise, years from now, you'll STILL be doing the short order cook thing. Also, it's teaching her manners---when she's 15 and going to a friend's house for dinner, you want her to eat what they're serving, not be miffed that it isn't what she wants!