Saturday, November 10, 2012

Enjoy the Moment

Motherhood is a multi-tasking adventure. (News flash, right? Ha ha) On top of mom duties, there's wife duties, and household duties. Most days it's a manageable flow. Semi-predictable.

But then things happen like your 19-month old suddenly stop sleeping through the night. Then bigger things happen like friends and family losing power, losing cars, losing homes.

Suddenly you remember your life. Not the bills or the groceries or the screen full of game reminders. The moments if real life. Snuggling with your kids instead if answering an email. Enjoying an electronics free dinner talking and laughing about the day. Making simple construction paper crafts. Enjoying the silence of your home, the one you still have that is full of food and electricity and laughter and live, even if its because you were woken up at 1am.

I've seen people who have gotten wrist tattoos that say "breathe" to help them remember to keep calm and keep it all in perspective. Because I have little kids, my reminder is to enjoy the moment. Put down the phone, focus on what's going on around me and enjoy it. As people are fond if saying, they don't stay this little forever.

My wonderfully talented friend (and fellow Jersey girl and Army wife) Wendy made me a custom bracelet to help me remember to enjoy the moment. Here's hoping there are plenty of moments to enjoy.

PS -- you can enjoy your own items from Wendy at Homefront Metalworks on Etsy -- -- or search for Homefront Metalworks on Facebook.

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