Sunday, June 3, 2012

Being a brown-eyed girl, I have struggled with choosing the right shadows to give my eyes some pop. Recently, I've really done some more investigating and spent a little more money and have been so happy with the results. I figured I'd share!

Smashbox Photo Op eyecolor trio

Screen Shot
I use Screen Shot for a more natural look without eyeliner. You can also glam it up with some black eyeliner for a smoky eye.

Telephoto is obviously more colorful so it leans more toward the glam side but can definitely be worn during the day.

The Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer is excellent to make sure it "sticks" all day long.

My other new love is L'Oreal False Fiber Lashes. I've been suckered by advertising before, but this REALLY works. My eyelashes look so much longer and thicker!

So there you have it. 

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  1. I swear by Lancome eyeshadow :) I don't always use it because it's expensive, but Almay makes some great trios that work really well so I use those, too. I think the key for eyeshadow is really how it is applied - paler color nearer the nose, working out to the darker color along the bone. It's my mini art project every morning :)

    I tried the false fiber lashes mascara when Wegman's had a great deal on it, but it flaked off all day and I always had little black stuff all over my face so I stopped using it and went back to my Maybelline Colossal. I always wear eyeliner (I'm apt to wear no eyeshadow or just an all over neutral shadow and then eyeliner and mascara versus only eyeshadow.)

    I remember reading an article about Heidi Klum and she said if she was only allowed to have one makeup item, what would it be and she said mascara, mascara, mascara. I agree! :) (she also said keep putting it on - more is better!) I've been wanting to try false eyelashes, maybe this summer. I almost bought some a few weeks back, but they're made from real hair and that grossed me out. LOL. I need to do some more research on it...